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E-books with or without e-readers

In notes on September 28, 2010 at 6:47 pm

On September 28th, Let’s Talk was held in the staff lounge at Heelan and we discussed e-books, e-textbooks, and e-reader devices such as iPad and Kindle.

The market for e-books and e-textbooks is in a little bit of chaos, it seems.  Some of the concerns brought up at the discussion included the portability of e-book formats so that students and faculty wouldn’t be locked into one device, as well as the longevity of e-book files, especially since some are only available on a leasing basis.

Ebooks in Universities…There has been a lot of online discussion about ebooks in classrooms.

The change in medium is also bringing a big change in format.  Vendors like FlatWorld Knowledge are allowing faculty to build their own textbooks by mixing and matching articles or chapters.  McGraw-Hill has a similar service.  In other hands, such as Enhanced Editions, ebooks are becoming multimedia-rich experiences that include video and audio with the book’s text.

For some links on e-book sources and articles, check out Sara’s bookmarks:


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