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iPad Apps

In September 2010, the Bishop Mueller Library started loaning out iPads for the Briar Cliff community.  We warmly welcome your app suggestions.  Here are the selections we have installed so far with prices as of November 2, 2010:


Briar Cliff Library Home Page (free) – this is a Safari bookmark as a home screen icon

Safari (included) – Apple’s default web browser

Atomic Web ($0.99) – a web browser with true tabbed browsing and more control

Settings (included) – configure the look, sound, and function of basic iPad tasks

Screen 1 – Books

Kindle (free) – Amazon’s ebook app; requires logging into an Amazon account

iBooks (free) – Apple’s ebook app; uses iTunes account to purchase books. We have several ebooks pre-loaded in iBooks since we had to disable the iTunes purchases on the iPad.

Nook (free) – Barnes and Noble’s ebook app; requires logging into a B&N account

Stanza (free) – no account required and offers direct access to free ebook catalogs like Project Gutenberg and

Kobo (free) –

Bible HD (free) – features 41 translations, searching, and bookmarking

Constitution for iPad (free) – text for the articles, amendments and signers of the U.S. Constitution

Inkling (free) – “interactive, social textbooks” … see Inkling for more details

CourseSmart (free) – textbooks from some of the major publishers … see CourseSmart for details

Free Books (free)

Alice Lite (free) – an example of an interactive children’s book on the iPad

Famous Books (free) – gorgeous images of Medieval and Renaissance books from the Bavarian State Library / Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Poetry (free) – iPhone app from the Poetry Foundation; hundreds of poems on a discovery roulette wheel

Open Culture (free) – iPhone app

Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free) – dictionary based on Princeton’s WordNet

Screen 2 – Documents, RSS, and Sharing

QuickOffice ($19.99) – more options to get files on and off the iPad than with Pages

Pages ($9.99) – better interface and design options than QuickOffice; part of Apple’s iWork suite

Numbers ($9.99) – spreadsheets; part of Apple’s iWork suite

Keynote ($9.99) – presentations; part of Apple’s iWork suite

Reeder ($4.99) – syncs with Google Reader for RSS feeds

FeeddlerRSS (free) – syncs with Google Reader for RSS feeds

ReadItLater (free) – syncs with a desktop bookmark to mark items for later viewing

GoodReader ($1.99) – access files from Dropbox, Google Docs; read and annotate PDF files

Todo ($4.99) – to do list that syncs with

WordPress (free) – write posts for WordPress blogs

Evernote (free) – syncs with the popular note-keeping and brainstorming web service

Dropbox (free) – syncs with the file sharing and back-up site

Meeting Mngr Pro ($9.99) – share files and agendas during meetings; keep notes, annotate documents with other meeting attendees

Share Board ($5.99) – connect to the same white board with 3 other iPads / iPhones and see each other’s scribbles immediately on your own device

Screen 3 – Notetaking and Drawing

MobileNoter (free) – syncs with Microsoft OneNote notebooks

All Stuck Up Lite (free) – sticky notes on a bulletin board surface

iCardSort (free) – a good tool for brainstorming or card sorting in usability tests

Corkulous ($4.99) – project planning, brainstorming, and thought organizing for visual thinkers

Penultimate ($3.99) – keep notes by handwriting on the iPad with your finger or stylus

UYH Gold ($0.99) – use your own handwriting to create to-do lists

iBrainstorm (free) – drawing and sticky notes; collaborate with iPhone users on the sister app

Notes Plus ($4.99) – best of the note-taking apps; handwriting, typing, shape drawing, voice recording; send pages to Google Docs or email

PlainText (free) – note-taking app that syncs with Dropbox

Notes (included) – Apple’s note-taking app

Dragon Dictation (free) – speak into the mic and have your words transcribed into text

Photos (included) – sync with photos from your computer via iTunes or save screenshots from the iPad

Adobe Photoshop Express (free) – photo editing app from Adobe with lots of effects

Adobe Ideas (free) – drawing app; color palettes have to be pulled in from Photos

Doodle Buddy (free) – draw with included icons, shapes, glitter

Screen 4 – News and Tours

NPR (free) – National Public Radio

BBC News (free)

NYTimes (free)

Bloomberg (free)

Flipboard (free) – give Twitter, Facebook, and news articles a beautiful magazine look

Pulse News Reader ($1.99) – creates a visual mosaic of news articles

World Book: This Day in History (free) – a few pieces of trivia tidbits for the current day

iTranslate for iPad (free)

Mendeley (free) – reference and citation manager

Screen 5 – Maps and Food

BirdsEye Lite ($1.99) – find bird sightings nearby, listen to sample bird calls, see maps of species

The Weather Channel (free) – local weather forecasts and radar maps

Discover (free) – browse Wikipedia articles in a magazine format

Wikipanion (free) – search interface for Wikipedia designed for the iPad

Google Earth (free) – explore the world in street view, terrain view, satellite and high-resolution photos

Maps (included) – search for locations and directions using Google Maps

HistoryMaps of the World (free) – maps from historical eras, battles, and fallen civilizations

Fotopedia Heritage (free) – explore maps and hi-res photos of UNESCO World Heritage sites

Kayak (free) – plan for travel with this flight and hotel search interface

Epicurious (free) – 28,000 recipes, reviews, and food tips

Urbanspoon (free) – reviews of local restaurants; slot machine search when you can’t decide where to eat

Screen 6 – Science, Medicine, and Math

Star Walk ($4.99) – a staff favorite; use the touch screen to navigate through stars and constellations; get a preview of tonight’s night sky for your location

Planets (free) – more affordable basic look at the night sky with constellations and planet visibility

Wolfram Alpha (shortcut to their mobile website) – opens the mobile search page for Wolfram Alpha in Safari

The Elements ($13.99) – a website turned book turned app; amazing example of how different content can be in an app vs. a paper book

Anatomy Lite


3D CellStain


Quick Graph



Calculator 4 (scientific, like iPhone)

Calculator HD (copy tally tape to clipboard or email)

Screen 7 – Music and Movies



Pocket Piano





NFB (Canada)






Screen 8 – Games and Social

Paper Pilot


Unblock Free

TanZen Lite

Sudoku Lite


Air Hockey

Chess Free

Pocket Frogs

Pocket Pond


ESPN ScoreCenterXL





IM+ Lite

Screen 9 – Email and Alarm Clocks





First Look

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